Services provided by the resort:

The resort offers many services that can be summarized as follows:
1) accommodation provides a twin-room with a toilet or suit and toilet.
2) a restaurant provides a list of multi cuisine and Omani maritime nature.
3) Cafe to experience the types of coffee, tea and juices with snaks.
4) All swimming gears.


The resort offers a great location for accomedation off the beach which contains 15 residential units, all overlooking the beach with a simple attractive engineering design. 8 units of this rooms is consist of room and a toilet area with a good private Balcony while the family rooms feature the 7 remaining units with an extra room used as sitting hall as well as toilet.

Marine bike (jet ski):

This Sports are not like other sports, very exiting game which adds to the unique activities in this resort. This game can be played in the sea opposite to the resort with a lot of challenge in the ocean. �Scooter� has become a dominating phenomenon in most beaches around Oman, and not limited to a certain age, everyone prefers this game, does not hesitate in showing his skills and artistry. The beach in front of the resort provides this feature with no limits in the field of movement and maneuvering space.


The fishing is an excellent experience in the area around the resort and the diversity of fishing environment makes the hobby challenging more and more. The location is facing the Indian Ocean where all the fish are good in size and abandon. The weather and the available services from the resort give the support to carry on fishing with passions. The beaches surrounding the resort provide many locations or fishing points; sandy and rocky areas that are good to practice this hobby and to search for places rich in fish using different size of hooks.

Possible things to do:

There are many activities that can be done by our visitor in the resort are summarized as follows:
1) enjoy renting a sand quad in the area surrounding the resort for all age groups.
2) Riding camels and horses that reflect the Arab heritage.
3) enjoy water bike (Scooter) depending on sea condition.
4) experience of the kayak boats depending on sea condition.
5) View various species of sea birds.

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