Alashkhara is a very popular tourist destination due to its special location between the coastal villages which face the Indian ocean. The location represents a good tourist destination for families and groups for hiking. The stunning sandy beaches are beautiful and filled with many species of birds as well as the presence of the fishing port. This port adds to the aesthetic appeal of the village Besides his big importance for fishermen the port give a good services to the tourist through hiring fishing boats, for hiking and fishing hobby on the jetties at the port in addition to swimming opportunity that may be safer and more relaxed than other beaches.

Al ashkhara is 37 kilometers east of Jalan Bani Bu Ali city of South East, and about 325 km from the capital Muscat, and 150 km from sur city. This village characterized by attractive, unique beaches with few lagoons and the weather is almost moderate and cold throughout the year, which makes the site exceptional Tourist area, especially during the summer season.

The Resort is approximately 15 km from al ashkhara in the road leading to the island of Masira and Duqm industrial area directly on the beach in a quiet area away from any noise and inconvenience.

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